BNPB HQ Padang - Willcox & Associates - Architects


Chris Willcox's firm has won the design and documentation contract for the new emergency services head quarters for BNPB in Padang. The project is funded by Aus Aid.




"60 MINUTES" (Channel 9 Australia)

LIAM BARTLETT: When the quake struck in peak hour, just after 5pm Wednesday afternoon, Padang's city streets and buildings were teeming with its 1 million people. Thousands were out shopping for food when the main market building collapsed.

LIAM BARTLETT: That used to be the markets?

JANE LIDDON: The main market used to be like that, two storeys. Well, the top was packed. And the bottom was packed. And when it shook, it just came down - and look at it now.

LIAM BARTLETT: Jane Liddon works for Island Aid.

JANE LIDDON: So they know they're already dead?

WOMAN: Yeah.

LIAM BARTLETT: She's lived here for 15 years, through numerous quakes, tremors and a tsunami, but never this bad.

JANE LIDDON: The earthquakes you have here generally are nothing like as strong as this one. This one was so strong in comparison, that they just don't expect this to happen.

No-one - I've spoken to so many people - and they just said, "I never thought this would happen."

More images at: The Ambacang and many other destroyed buildings The old colonial end of town This link is updated with field work


Joint Report the morning after the quake. Padang 1st Oct 1200hrs
Power is down. Two hospitals at least are down. Doctors are operating on patients in the dark using car headlights under tarps. Traffic is flowing but powerlines are down and many roads in city center are blocked.  Main market building collapsed and on fire many are trapped or dead. 
Dr David Lange & Jane drove around last night & we all drove around in Padang this morning. The damage is extensive and very serious. Many big buildings are down and people are trapped inside screaming. The city was almost deserted last night but heavy equipment arrived this morning. It has been raining hard making rescue work very dangerous and difficult. 

Estimated thousands are trapped but almost impossible to do more than guess. Some guests are trapped in the collapsed  3 story Ambacang hotel… perhaps as many as 200. The old market has collapsed and is burning with many trapped inside. Last night the city center was almost evacuated due to fear of a tsunami or further quakes. Aftershocks continue.

Telcomsel mobile service is intermittent. Flexi and Excel are working but congested.

Internet is on and off.

Phone land line is sometimes working. +62 (0)751 767888 and 767788


  1. Temporary Shelter - Family Tents and Tarps 
  2. Primary health care clinics
  3. Hygiene and Tool Kits
  4. Generators & outdoor lighting
  5. Water tanks and pumps
  6. Mosquito nets and foggers



80% of buildings in the old colonial area of Muara are destroyed. Most of the large commercial & government buildings in Padang have collapsed, power lines are down, water mains are broken, sanitation systems are broken, two main hospitals are down or severely damaged.
Primary focus is equally on rescue efforts and emergency relief (basic infrastructure needs) 
The mountains around Lake Maninjau are much much worse than this. Entire villages are destroyed. No home is standing! Please pass on to your friends.
Rick Cameron, Australian Honorary Consular Warden – West Sumatra, Director Island Aid

Jane Liddon, UK Honarary Consular Warden - West Sumatra, Field Director Island Aid

Dr David Lange MD, MPH, Program Director Surf Aid

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